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Language is like a mosaic of various building blocks. Bit by bit we seek them all together. Beatrice Language Institute is the cement: a solid foundation for students to build on.

Early 2009 Beatrice Language Institute opened its doors. Beatrice Simon, originally a cultural anthropologist and language expert put up a succesful enterprise that combines business with pleasure: one can learn a language in a fun and creative way. Due to its small scale the institute delivers a quality that is of a continuous high level. Personal attention and development are top priority. Learning a language is always challenging, but that doesn't have to mean it can't be fun.


Groen steentje

New courses starting in February!


Dutch for beginners (Tuesday or Wednesday evenings)

Dutch for semi-beginners (Wednesdays 18.15-20.15)

Conversation Dutch and "business Dutch" (Tuesdays 19.30-21.15)

Beginners II (Thursdays 19.30-21.30)